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augest 22 1944. she got caught and arrested early in the morning at around 7:00. she awoke to banging on the doors. she was 15 at the time of this. she went inot hiding when she was 13. i feel like i can relate to anne frank not because i am at a consitration camp, but because we are the same age and we are both jewish. i can not imagine having to go through what she went through and i am so proud of her. even though she was only 15 she was one of the best writers in the 20th centrey. she is amazing. R.I.P.

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Anne Frank was captured by the Nazis on August 4, 1944, along with her family and others hiding in the annex in Amsterdam. They were discovered after their hiding place was betrayed.

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Q: What day did Anne Frank get caught?
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Did Anne Frank get caught by the Nazis?


Was Anne Frank caught in the annex?

Yes she was. She was caught with her family by the Nazis.

When was Anne Frank caught?

August 4, 1944.

Who caught Anne Frank?

The Green Police (Nazis)!

How many Germans were their when Anne frank was caught?


When is Anne Frank day?

Anne Frank Day is observed on June 12th, which is the birthday of Anne Frank. It is a day to honor her memory and reflect on the impact of her diary and the lessons from the Holocaust.

When does Anne Frank's family get caught?

they came out the hiding spot

When does Anne Frank and her family get caught?

On August 4, 1944.

What year did the Anne Frank get caught?

she was captured in the morning of August 4,1944

Why Anne Frank get capture in to concentration camp?

anne frank got caught because she was a Jewish girl so at that time the Jewish were not like by Hitler the leader of the Nazis. that's why she was caught by the gestapo in the annex

Did Anne Frank die on a Friday?

The exact day and date of Anne Frank's death is not known.

When was Anne Frank esaped?

She didn't. they were caught by the Gestapo 7 she died in a camp.