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To get help from the gods the maya fasted, prayed, and offered sacrifices

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The Maya offered a variety of items to the gods, including blood through bloodletting rituals, sacrifices of animals or even humans, food offerings, and precious stones or metals. These offerings were made to gain the favor of the gods and ensure the well-being of their community.

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Q: What did the Maya offer to the gods?
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Why were Maya monuments built?

for the gods

How did the Maya try to please the gods?

One way the Maya tried to please their gods was to take a sacrifice to the top of one of their structures and rip out heir heart, in the sunlight.

What has the author Clara Bezanilla written?

Clara Bezanilla has written: 'A pocket dictionary of Aztec and Mayan gods and goddesses' -- subject(s): Maya gods, Aztec mythology, Maya mythology, Aztec gods, Juvenile Dictionaries

Is Maya religion monotheistic or polytheistic?

polytheisticMayans had many gods. Over a 100 at the link

What were the religious beliefs of the Maya people?

Beliefs in many gods

Rulers of Maya city-states claimed to be?

Descended from the gods.

What were Mayan temples mainly used for?

to worship gods and respect for the gods

What were the Main gods of the Aztec Maya and Inca?

Aztec was sun god

The Maya considered the stars and planets to be?

The Maya considered the stars and planets to be deities or gods. They believed that these celestial bodies had power and influence over the natural world and their daily lives. The Maya closely observed the movements of the stars and planets to predict events and make important decisions.

Why did the Maya do sacrifises?

they did sacrifices to honor the gods they worshiped. (created by: a 6th grader)

Why were calendars important to the Maya?

To make sure that they are honoring there "gods" on the right dates.

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