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They went to the toilet

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Before the factory opened, Anne Frank and the people in the annex spent their time being quiet during the day to avoid detection, conversing with each other, reading and writing, and planning for the future. They relied on each other for support and found ways to occupy their time while in hiding.

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Q: What did the anne frank and the people in the annex do before the factory opened?
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How many people came to live in the secret annex?

Eight people lived in the secret annex.

When was the secret annex was opened to the public as a museum?

The secret annex where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II was opened to the public as a museum in 1960. It has since become a significant historical site that educates visitors about the Holocaust and Anne Frank's diary.

How did they get there food in secret annex?

People risked their lives to get food to them. If they got caught, the people in the annex would just have to starve.

How do people in the Annex get food and other supplies?

Miep and Mr.Kraler bring the people in the Annex food and other supplies. I hope it helps :)

When are the people in the secret annex caught by the Nazis?

In the year 1944, the 'people in the secret annex' went into hiding in 1942 and were discovered by Nazi soldiers in 1944...

How many people are living in annex?


How many people are living in the annex?


How did the green police find the secret annex?

A night of Hanukkah while the people in the secret annex were celebrating they're holiday thief went inside the offices below the annex.One of the people in the annex ''Peter VaanDaan'' made a noise while the thief was there.Days after that happened the thief went to the green police and told them that there was people hiding in the annex.

How long the franks live in the secret Annex?

The Franks family lived in the secret annex for 2 years and 29 days before they were captured by the Germans Police.

When did the Nazis discover the Secret Annex?

They discovered the secret annex in 1944 and Anne was sent to a concentration camp and died in 1946 1 week before it was liberated.

What is the difference between an annex and an enclosure?

an annex is where people live and enclosure is where things are kept e.g monkeys are kept in a monkey enclosure.

How did the Anne franks family hid the entry to the secret annex?

They put a wooden bookcase over the door. It still opened and shut, just hidden.