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Q: What has become of Mike Otto writer of Looking Through His Eyes?
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When was Looking Through Your Eyes created?

Looking Through Your Eyes was created in 1997.

When was Looking Through Patient Eyes created?

Looking Through Patient Eyes was created in 1993.

Why is it advisable to keep both eyes open while looking through a microscope?

eyes cornea

How can you tell if someone is looking through you not at you?

You can move and see if the persons eyes follow you.

Can you have a operation on your eyes to make you become blind?

stick a needle through your eye.

Which John Mayer song includes looking at the world through both eyes?

The song "3x5" on the album Room For Squares has the lyrics "hoping I would see the world through both my eyes".

What happens if a girl tells you that you are not looking at her eyes?

You are probably not looking at her eyes.

Where can you download looking through the eyes of love?

Specifically, by who? Send me a Youtube link, and I might be able to help. ^^

What do the words in this group have in common microscope telescope binocular and spectacles?

They all have something to do with 'looking through' with your eyes.

How do you make sure a girl is looking at you?

look at her and if her eyes meet with your eyes then she is looking at you.

When was Looking Into the Eyes of the Sun created?

Looking Into the Eyes of the Sun was created in 1966.

Does looking at the sun make your eyes lighter if not what does?

Looking at the sun does not make your eyes lighter. The color of your eyes is determined by the amount of melanin in the iris, which is not influenced by looking at the sun. Sunlight can damage your eyes and vision if you stare at it directly, so it's important to use proper eye protection.