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Amelia LaRoche has written:

'Recipe and craft guide to France' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, French Cooking, Handicraft

'April Fool's Day jokes to tickle your funny bone' -- subject(s): April Fools' Day, Juvenile literature, Juvenile Wit and humor

'We visit Turkey' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature

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Amelia LaRoche is known for writing supernatural fiction novels, such as "The Hunter's Moon" series and "The Witching Hour" series. Her books often feature strong female protagonists and elements of mystery and magic.

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Lorraine Garneau has written:

'Discussion of the federal government's proposals regarding Canada's economic situation and social programs' -- subject(s): Statistics, Social security, Government policy, Unemployment, Labor supply, Social policy, Economic conditions, Older people, Child welfare, Employment, Women

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Suzanne S. Lamothe has written:

'Killing of related and unrelated pups by male Microtus pennsylvanicus'

'Palatability of winter browse to the snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus)'

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Q: What has the author Amelia LaRoche written?
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