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Agostino Prastaro has written:

'Quantized partial differential equations' -- subject(s): Quantum groups

'Geometry of PDEs and mechanics' -- subject(s): Algebraic Geometry, Differential equations, Partial, Geometry, Algebraic, Mathematical physics, Mathematics, Mechanics, Partial Differential equations

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Anthony P Ciervo has written the book "The Promise of the Father: Paraclete and its impact on the Early Church."

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Anthony P. Ciervo has written:

'Automatic track identification' -- subject(s): Data processing, Mathematical models, Military Vehicles, Remote sensing

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Anthony Prigrada has written:

'Danube waterways'

'International agreements concerning the Danube' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Navigation

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Q: What has the author Anthony P Ciervo written?
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