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Jeane J. Kirkpatrick has written:

'The new Presidential elite' -- subject(s): Political conventions, Political participation, Women in politics

'Good intentions' -- subject(s): World politics, National security, Defenses

'Cuba and the Cubans' -- subject(s): Cuban Americans, Politics and government

'The will to disbelieve'

'The Reagan doctrine and U.S. foreign policy' -- subject(s): Foreign relations

'The strategy of deception' -- subject(s): Communism, Communist strategy

'The Kennedy-Khrushchev Pact and the Sandinistas' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

'U.S. participation in the United Nations' -- subject(s): United Nations

'Making War to Keep Peace LP'

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Bernadette Kuehn Loftin is the author of "The Ugly Daughter," a memoir that explores her experiences growing up in an abusive household in Laos. It delves into themes of survival, resilience, and the power of storytelling to heal.

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Bernadette L. Kirk has written:

'UPDATE, a FORTRAN 77 source file manipulator' -- subject(s): Data processing, FORTRAN (Computer program language), U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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Bernadette Kuehn Loftin has written:

'The Cochran community' -- subject(s): History

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