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Francis Durbin Blakeslee has written:

'How my father secured Lincoln's autograph' -- subject(s): Autographs

'Personal recollections and impressions of Abraham Lincoln' -- subject(s): Personal narratives, History, Washington (D.C.) Civil War, 1861-1865

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Charles Durbin is a pseudonymous author. He is best known for writing the "Peter" series of young adult Horror novels, which consist of "The Dollhouse Murders," "The Dark Corner," and "The Stepsister." These novels are popular for their suspenseful and eerie storylines.

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Samuel V. Blakeslee has written:

'Archology; or, The science of government' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Political science

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Charles Durbin has written:

'The mercenary' -- subject(s): Fiction, Mercenary troops

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Q: What has the author Charles Durbin written?
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