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John Read has written:

'An introduction to organic chemistry'

'Historic St. Andrews and its university' -- subject(s): St. Andrews, St. Andrews. University

'Radiation Biology of Vicia faba in relation to the general problem' -- subject(s): Beans, Botanical chemistry, Effect of radiation on, Radiobiology, Radiochemistry, Radiology

'From alchemy to chemistry' -- subject(s): Alchemy, Chemistry, History

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John Reading is known as a Baroque composer who primarily wrote instrumental and vocal music, including symphonies, concertos, and church music. Some of his popular works include the overture to "The Mourning Bride" and the concerto "Les Caractères de la guerre."

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John Reading has written:

'Dauids soliloquie' -- subject(s): English Sermons, Sermons, English

'Anabaptism routed: or, A survey of the controverted points. Together with a particular answer to ..'

'A sermon delivered at Maidston in Kent, at the assizes there held, August 23, 1641' -- subject(s): Bible, English Sermons, Sermons, Sermons, English

'The Christian's companion, in the principles of religion, and the concerns of life' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Early works to 1800, Christian life, Doctrinal Theology

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Q: What has the author John Reading written?
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