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Mark R. Amstutz has written:

'An introduction to political science' -- subject- s -: Comparative government, Conflict management, Consensus - Social sciences -, Political science, State, The, The State

'The Rules of the Game' -- subject- s -: Game theory, International relations

'Economics and foreign policy' -- subject- s -: Bibliography, International economic relations, International relations

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Mark Amsler is a New Zealand author known for his works on postcolonial theory, islands, literature, and performance studies. Some of his notable books include "Affective Literacies: Writing and Multilingualism in the Later Middle Ages" and "Fringe Voices: Texts by and about Minorities."

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Mark Amsler has written:

'Creativity and the Imagination'

'Etymology and grammatical discourse in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages' -- subject(s): Classical languages, Classical philology, Etymology, Grammar, History, Linguistics

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Q: What has the author Mark Amsler written?
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