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S. Kalinin has written:


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S. Kalinin primarily writes about leadership development, personal growth, and organizational management. His works often focus on strategies for improving individual and team performance in various professional settings.

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Q: What has the author S Kalinin written?
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What has the author Anatoly Kalinin written?

Anatoly Kalinin has written: 'In the south'

What has the author I M Kalinin written?

I. M. Kalinin has written: 'Direktorskie universitety'

What has the author Aleksandr Vasil'evich Kalinin written?

Aleksandr Vasil'evich Kalinin has written: 'Leksika russkogo iazyka' -- subject(s): Russian language, Lexicology 'Leksika russkogo yazyka' 'Kul'tura russkogo slova'

What has the author V Manin written?

V. Manin has written: 'Viktor Kalinin' -- subject(s): Catalogs 'Iskusstvo v rezervatsii'

What has the author D D Baragin written?

D. D. Baragin has written: 'Kalinin' -- subject(s): Architecture, Description, Views

What has the author G V Zhirkov written?

G. V. Zhirkov has written: 'Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin' -- subject(s): Biography, Journalists

What has the author V N Sashonko written?

V. N. Sashonko has written: 'Kolomyazhskii ippodrom' 'Kalinin v Peterburge--Leningrade' -- subject(s): Biography, History, Revolutionaries

What has the author N F Sudakova written?

N. F. Sudakova has written: 'The Kalinin Art Gallery'

What is the birth name of Maksim Kalinin?

Maksim Kalinin's birth name is Maksim Nikolaevitch Kalinin.

What is the birth name of Nikolai Kalinin?

Nikolai Kalinin's birth name is Kalinin, Nikolai Artemyevich.

When did Konstantin Kalinin die?

Konstantin Kalinin died in 1940.

When was Konstantin Kalinin born?

Konstantin Kalinin was born in 1889.