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Sidonius Apollinaris has written:

'Caij Sollij Apollinaris Sidonij Aruernorum Episcopi Opera'

'The letters of Sidonius' -- subject(s): Bishops, Christian saints, Correspondence, Homes and haunts, Latin Poets, Biography

'Oeuvres de Sidoine Apollinaire'

'Oeuvres de Sidoine Apollinaire'

'Sidonio Apollinare' -- subject(s): Latin Christian poetry

'Oeuvres de Sidoine Apollinaire'

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Sidonius Apollinaris was a 5th-century Gallo-Roman poet and letter writer. He is known for his poetry, especially his panegyric verses and letters that provide insights into the culture and society of his time. Some of his prominent works include "Carmen 7" and his collection of letters known as "Epistulae."

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Q: What has the author Sidonius Apollinaris written?
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