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She was motivated by the other students in her school. She observed the "socs" and the greasers first hand.

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S.E. Hinton was inspired to write because she wanted to read books about characters like the ones she knew in real life - teenagers facing struggles and challenges. She also wanted to address the lack of authentic young adult literature that dealt with issues young people were actually experiencing.

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S.E hinton became a writer because she didnt like the literature for young adults authors were putting out

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when her father died

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She was too old to play pretend.

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Q: What inspired se hinton to write?
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How was S.E. Hinton inspired to write the outsiders?

because of alexs

Why did S.E. Hinton write the book outsiders?

S.E. Hinton wrote this book because she was inspired by the two gangs or groups in her high school.

Did SE Hinton write a book with Jodi Picoult?

No, SE Hinton did not write a book with Jodi Picoult. SE Hinton is known for her classic young adult novel "The Outsiders," while Jodi Picoult is a contemporary fiction author known for her novels that often tackle complex moral and social issues. Their writing styles and genres differ significantly.

Is Nigel Hinton related to SE Hinton?

No. S.E Hinton and Nigel Hinton are not related in fact S.E Hinton actually changed her name to S.E Hinton.

Where did se hinton from?


What was se hinton's name in The Outsiders?

S.E Hinton was the author, not a character.

What inspired susan eloise hinton to write?

She is a popular young adult and childrens author.

Is SE Hinton a Catholic?

Yes, SE Hinton is known to be Catholic. She has spoken about her faith in various interviews and it is reflected in some of her works as well.

SE Hinton why dont she like her name?

S.E Hinton putted her name in initials because she didn't want other people to think girls couldn't write a book like The Outsiders with greasers and fights,

When did SE write The Outside?

S.E Hinton wrote The Outsiders when she was 16 years old and was still in high school, Then the book got published in 1967.

What hardships did se Hinton have?

S.E. Hinton faced challenges such as discrimination and skepticism due to her young age when she began writing her novels. Additionally, she encountered criticism for her choice to write about themes related to youth and adolescence. Despite these obstacles, Hinton persisted and went on to become a successful and influential author.

Where does writer SE Hinton live?

According to the web site, she lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.