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Agroforestry practices involve integrating trees or woody shrubs with crops and/or livestock on the same piece of land. This approach promotes biodiversity, improves soil health and fertility, reduces erosion, and provides multiple sources of income for farmers. Agroforestry systems can vary based on the specific combination of trees, crops, and animals used.

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Q: What is Practices of agroforestry?
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There are several common practices of permaculture. Some examples of these practices are Agroforestry, Natural Building, Rainwater Harvesting, Sheet Mulching, and Keyline Design.

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Agroforestry focuses on integrating trees and shrubs on agricultural lands to enhance productivity and sustainability, while social forestry emphasizes community involvement in tree planting and management for social benefits like environmental conservation, livelihood improvement, and community development. Agroforestry is more production-oriented and involves a mix of agricultural and forestry practices, whereas social forestry aims to address social issues through tree planting and management.

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