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The term for that type of person is hypocrite.

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The term for a person who criticizes something in others that they do themselves is "hypocrite." This refers to someone who behaves in a way that contradicts their own stated beliefs or values.

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Q: What is term for person who criticizes something in others which he does?
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Words:Self-confidence, Assurance, being positive, Affirmative, support, encouragement, endorsementTerms:1. It's important to think positive and medicate on the good in life and whats in you.2. It's not important what other people think about you, it's your oppinnon that's matters the most. (Explain more) Explain to them a certain person, thing, subject or object with a positive view because some people can turn that term around to being negative towards themselves, without cause or example.AnswerWhen a person debases others, or puts them down, makes fun of them, criticizes, etc. it is because they have low self esteem and when they can put others down it makes them feel better about themselves.

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