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The person voluntarily giving up the throne in favor of his son is abdicating the throne. This decision is often made to ensure a smooth transition of power and to allow the next generation to take over leadership responsibilities.

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Q: What is the meaning of a person who voluntarily giving up throne by kin in favor of his son?
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What is a person who steals a throne called?

An "usurper" because that individual would have "usurped the throne".... Unless they voluntarily gave it up then it would be considered an "abdicated" because they "abdicated the throne"

Who gave King Tutankhamun the throne?

His father died therefore giving him the throne.

What is the term meaning the next person to inherit the throne?

"Crown Prince" or "Crown Princess".

If a king abdicates what does he do?

If a king abdicates, it means he voluntarily steps down from his position and the throne passes to the next in line.

What is the meaning of the name arshika?

It means throne :)

What is someone called after they abdicate the throne?

After abdicating a throne a person could be called a former king.

Who was the first English monarch to abdicate?

Edward VIIIA couple were deposed in the middle ages, but the only King to give up the Throne voluntarily was Edward VIII in 1936.

A word meaning to step down from the throne?

Do you mean to abdicate.

What does it mean when someone is asked to renounce a throne?

When someone is asked to renounce a throne, he or she is being asked to give up his or her throne. In other words, the person is being asked to disown the throne.

What were his accomplishments when he was king Khufu?

He continued his family's dynasty by giving the throne o his eldest son when he died.

What is a famous action of Hestia?

Hestia was known for giving up her throne to Dionysus to avoid a civil war and arguments.

Which french word meaning dolphin was also used for the heir to french throne?

Le dauphin (masculine noun) is the translation for both the dolphin and the of the French throne.