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It takes place in both a park and a city. Thumbelina and her fairy friends all live in the park, but the builder who plans to tear the park down and build lives in the city. Thumbelina travels into the city wit the builder's daughter and many scenes take place in their home.

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"Thumbelina" is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen that is set in a variety of locations such as a field, a pond, a farm, and the home of various creatures like beetles, mice, and a mole. The story unfolds in a natural, whimsical world where Thumbelina, a tiny girl the size of a thumb, encounters different adventures and challenges.

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Q: What is the setting of thumbelina?
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Where are the setting of thumbelina?

The settings in the story of Thumbelina vary, but include a meadow where she lives in a flower, a field of barleycorn where she is taken by a toad, and a series of other places she travels through like a field, a cottage, and a palace in the kingdom of the flower fairies.

What did the prince rename thumbelina to?

The prince renamed Thumbelina to Maia.

What is the duration of Barbie Thumbelina?

The duration of Barbie Thumbelina is 1.25 hours.

What the climax of the story of thumbelina?

whn thumbelina married prince cornelius...

What is the climax of the story of Thumbelina?

whn thumbelina married prince cornelius...

What is the conflict in the story thumbelina?

1. thumbelina first meets the prince, they fall in love. 2. Thumbelina is kidnapped by grundel toad. she escapes. 3. thumbelina is rescued by ms. Fieldmouse. 4. Thumbelina almost marries mister mole. 5. ....

When was Barbie Thumbelina created?

Barbie Thumbelina was created on 2009-03-17.

What part of the world does thumbelina come from?

Thumbelina is a character from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "Thumbelina." The story does not specify a specific location for where Thumbelina comes from.

What is the climax of the story thumbelina?

whn thumbelina married prince cornelius...

What are the ratings and certificates for Thumbelina - 1970?

Thumbelina - 1970 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

What is the name of boy fairy in the movie Thumbelina?

The boy fairy in Thumbelina is Prince Cornelius.

What is the name that is given to Thumbelina at the end of the story?

Thumbelina is named Maya at the end of the story.