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Anne Frank thought it was awfully cramped and disliked the fact that she couldn't:

Open the windows

basically move from 9:00 - 12:30 am

(Because the factory workers arrive and leave at these times)

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Anne Frank's first impression of the annex was one of surprise and disappointment. She found it smaller and darker than she had expected, and felt overwhelmed by the lack of space and privacy.

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Q: What was Anne Frank's first impression of the annex?
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What was Anne Franks challenges?

one of Anne franks challenges was being in the secret annex for 2 years

What city was Anne Franks secret annex located in?


Where was Anne Franks annex?

Anne Frank's annex was located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at Prinsengracht 263. It is part of the Anne Frank House museum.

How many floors does Anne Franks secret annex have?

Anne Frank's secret annex had two floors. It consisted of several rooms where Anne and her family lived in hiding during World War II.

Where did Anne Franks father move the family?

Into an annex; which was above offices; in Amsterdam. Which is also the Netherlands.

When was anne franks secret annex built?

Anne Frank's secret annex was built in 1739 as an extension to the existing building in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Anne and her family went into hiding there in 1942 during the Nazi occupation.

What is kept in the barrels of the annex in anne franks diary?

Potatoes, other things may have been, but potatoes. (:

What was the annex Of Anne Franks hiding place like?

It was probally dark and misrabel. No one made a sound and was scared.

What did the Franks give to Dussel on his birthday in the Diary of Anne Frank?

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the Franks gave Dussel a pair of gloves as a birthday gift. It was a thoughtful gesture to show their appreciation for him in spite of the tense living conditions in the Secret Annex.

When did anne franks dad publish her diary?

Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank, published her diary in 1947. The diary was first published in Dutch under the title "Het Achterhuis" ("The Secret Annex").

How did Anne Franks diary get to her father?

Anne Frank's diary was left behind in the secret annex where her family hid during World War II. After the war, Miep Gies, a friend of the Franks who helped hide them, found the diary and gave it to Anne's father, Otto Frank, the only member of the family who survived the Holocaust.

What group do the franks hide from?

The Franks hid from the Nazis during World War II in Amsterdam. They were a Jewish family, including Anne Frank, who hid in a secret annex in the building where Anne's father worked to avoid being captured and sent to concentration camps.