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Actually, not many of us know this, but he was called,

"The Man Who Invented Tomorrow", but Bertie is also fine.

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HG Wells was commonly known as "The Father of Science Fiction" due to his pioneering work in the genre.

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Q: What was HG Wells nickname?
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How many brothers did HG Wells have?

HG Wells had two brothers who teased him all the time.

Why did HG Wells died?

He was old

Did HG Wells take drugs?

no he did not

What was HG Wells original profession?


Where did HG Wells die?

London, England

What technology did HG Wells inspire?


What was HG Wells' religion?

Holy Socialism!

What is the full name of HG Wells?

His full name at birth was Herbert George Wells

Who was the Novelist who wrote the time machine?


What was HG wells' fathers name?

Thomas percoili

Did HG Wells invent the first tank?

No, HG Wells did not invent the first tank. The first tank was invented during World War I by the British military. It was first used in combat in 1916. HG Wells did, however, popularize the concept of heavily armored vehicles in his science fiction novel "The Land Ironclads."

What book did HG Wells wrote about the past?

time machice