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people were killed, buildings were destroyed, houses collapsed. BADDD serejavo was a normal society such as ourselves, it was comletely unexpected when the war hit

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Sarajevo before the war was a multicultural city known for its diverse population, vibrant cultural scene, and historical landmarks such as the Old Town and the Latin Bridge. It was often referred to as the "Jerusalem of Europe" due to its mix of religions and ethnicities living harmoniously.

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Q: What was Sarajevo like before the war?
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When was Sarajevo War Theatre created?

Sarajevo War Theatre was created in 1992.

Are the Bosnian war and Sarajevo war the same war?

Yes, because the Seize of Sarajevo was a part of the Bosnian War. The Bosnia War was apart of the Yugoslav Wars. So, Sarajevo is a place of war in the Bosnia War.

In 1994 which country was Sarajevo in?

In 1994 as in all years before and after Sarajevo was in Bosnia.

Where was World War I started?


Is sarajevo serbian?

Sarajevo used to be Serbian, but after ethnic cleansing (during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina) it is not.

Where did the assassination that triggerd World War 1 occur?

It was in Sarajevo.

Where did Zlata live during the Bosnian War?

in the city of Sarajevo

What war was in Sarajevo?

WW1, it was caused by the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand

Where was the city where the Archduke was assassinated in World War 1?

That would be Sarajevo.

What does Sarajevo have to do with the Great War?

In Sarajevo in June 1914, a Yugoslavian nationalist assassinated the Archduke of Austria. This invoked various European alliances which had formed in the preceding decades, and therefore was the proximate cause of World War I.

What are the release dates for World War 1 - 1964 The Summer of Sarajevo 1-1?

World War One - 1964 The Summer of Sarajevo 1-1 was released on: USA: 22 September 1964

What was the location of ferdinands assassination?

In Sarajevo.