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her first book was twilight

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Stephenie Meyer's first book was "Twilight," published in 2005. It is the first book in the popular young adult vampire romance series of the same name.

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Q: What was Stephenie Meyer first book?
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When did Stephenie Meyer first book come out?

in 2005

Who was the one who first knew Stephenie Meyer had written a book when she first started out?

Stephenie Meyer only told her sister, Emily, she was writing a book. No one else knew!

When did Stephenie Meyer move to Glendale Arizona?

Stephenie Meyer moved to Glendale, Arizona in 2003.

Is the lady in the coffee shop Stephenie Meyer in the movie twilight?

No, the lady in the coffee shop in the movie Twilight is not Stephenie Meyer. Stephenie Meyer is the author of the Twilight book series, but she does not make an appearance in the film.

Will Stephenie Meyer make a fourth twilight book?

Stephenie Meyer has already made a fourth twilight book it is called Breaking Dawn

What is Stephenie Meyer's most famous book?

Her first debut novel, Twilight. yup

What is Stephenie Meyer favourite book that she wrote?

I would have to say that Stephenie Meyer's favorite book, of those that she wrote, would be either Twilight or Breaking Dawn - those are the ones she was probably the most proud of, especially the first book, Twilight.

How wrote the book twilight?

Stephenie Meyer

What book that Stephenie Meyer popular?

The Twilight series, by Stephenie Meyer, was very popular. In fact, it was made into a movie. The books are: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn. Another book Stephenie Meyer has wrote, is The Host.

What is the Mood of eclipse by Stephenie Meyer?

Stephenie is building the suspence... as she does in every book

Did the book twilight have anything to do with Stephenie Meyer life?

Stephenie Meyer got the idea of twilight from a dream see saw

Was the book The Soul by Stephenie Meyer published?

no but she has written a book caleed the host Stephenie Meyer wrote a book CALLED The Host and the book is excellent. well he soul by Stephenie Meyer was caimed by herself to be almost finished in march 2008 and i forgot where i heard it but some where it says there is a good change not definatly yet that it will be released in 2010. but she is finishing midnight sun first which she is having problems with. xx