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Olaudah Equiano's father was Igbo, from what is now Nigeria.

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Q: What was olaudah equiano's father?
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Why scholars today don't like parts of Olaudah Equianos autobiography?

becouse he did not belive that god had created the univers

What was equianos main duty on board the ship?

Olaudah Equiano main duty on the was to carry gunpowder from the magazine up to the gun decks.

When did olaudah equianos wife die?

Susannah, his wife, died in February 1796 aged 34, and Equiano died a year after that.Hope that helped!by Cupcake

Is it true that olaudah equiano was beaten until he answered to his new name?

yes, the slaveholder also put cuffs on Equianos wrists until he accepted his name.

Based on the quote on this page how would you describe olaudah equianos opinion of slavery?

Olaudah Equiano's opinion of slavery is vehemently against it. He describes it as a dehumanizing and brutal institution that is contrary to basic human rights and morality. Through his personal experiences as a former slave, he advocates for the abolition of slavery and highlights the inhumanity of the practice.

DOES olaudah equianos autobiography describes his African homeland his voyage from Africa to America and the cruelty of slavery and the slave trade?

Yes, Olaudah Equiano's autobiography, "The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano," does describe his African homeland, his voyage from Africa to America, and the cruelty of slavery and the slave trade. He details his experiences being captured in Africa, the Middle Passage, and his time as a slave in various locations, providing a vivid account of the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade.

How does equianos age affect his experiences during the voyage?

While Olaudah Equianoâ??s capture by slave-traders at the age of ten took him from life in what is now Eastern Nigeria, he emerged a gifted writer. Perhaps his works speak to the effect of his age on his life experience.

Who was the author of The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano the African 1789.?

Olaudah Equiano

When did olaudah equiano free himself from slavery?

Olaudah Equiano purchased his freedom in 1766.

Did olaudah equiano have any siblings?

Olaudah Equiano had seven siblings: three sisters and four brothers.

How many kids did Olaudah Equiano have?

Olaudah Equiano and his wife Susanna Cullen did not have any children.

What was equianos main purpose in writing the interesting narrative?

To sway public opinion about slavery.