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The DRINKING GOURD. The song goes "follow the drinking gourd".

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The code word for the Big Dipper in the underground railroad song was "Follow the Drinking Gourd." This was a reference to using the constellation of the Big Dipper as a navigational guide to escape to the North.

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Q: What was the code word in the underground railroad song for the big dipper?
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Was the drinking gourd the big dipper?

Yes. The slaves would sing a song from the underground railroad and the line they would repeat was; "Follow the Drinking Gourd" Which told the slaves to follow the Big Dipper, North to freedom.

What is the history of This Train is bound for glory hymn?

Guthrie apparently wrote different lyrics. But this song was a slave song with code words for escaping via the Underground Railroad.

Was the song This Train is Bound For Glory originally sung by slaves about the underground railroad?

Yes this was originally a slave song with hidden language on escaping via the Underground Railroad. It is often sung in black churches as an "old time gospel song". Apparently, Guthrie made a move where he arranged his own version with slightly different lyrics. He is for some reason given credit. But he did not write this song.

When slaves escaped how did they find their way?

Escaping slaves were often helped by volunteers in an organization known as the Underground Railroad (a metaphorical name; there was no actual railroad involved). Aside from that, escaping slaves just had to go north to get out of the slave holding states, so as navigational problems go it was fairly simple. It is possible to determine which way is north by examining the stars; the Big Dipper (also known during this era as the Drinking Gourd, based on African tradition) is in the north. There is a charming folk song from this era, Follow The Drinking Gourd.

How did Harriet Tubman know where to go on her way north?

Harriet Tubman knew where to go on her way north thabks to an old "negro spiritual" that was sung by slaves called follow the drinking gourd. It had a hidden meaning known by slaves and underground railroad operators. The song was filled with double meanings and hidden instructions on how to escape to the north, where they would be free from slavery. a gourd was a tool used for retreaving water for drinking. It's hidden meaning was code name for the Big Dipper star formation, which points to Polaris, the Pole Star, and North.

When was What I'm After - Lords of the Underground song - created?

What I'm After - Lords of the Underground song - was created in 1994.

When was the Eminem song Underground released?

The song "Underground" by Eminem was released with his "Recovery" album. This album was released in 2009. Eminem performed the song "Underground" at the album's release party in Detroit.

Who built the underground railroad?

Harriet Tubman built the underground railroad for the slaves to take a path so the slaves could escape and their owners won't catch them or beat them. Its just like the song follow the drinking gourd and the slaves had to follow the north star and see the drinking gourds its really good if you travel at night because its easier and darker and the masters won't catch them.

What does the term in the song rockin in Jerusalem mean?

The battle of Armidegon is supposed fought at Jerusalem before Jesus returns. That is probably what is meant by "rockin' Jerusalem" as it is originally created to sound like, because it was an underground railroad song dressed up to be a negro spiritual.

Is the song the child of the railroad engineer in public domain?

The song' Child of the Railroad Engineer' is a traditional folk song andÊis in the public domain and you can find the music and lyrics for this song at

What does tnuc stand for in the grand funk railroad song?

It's a woman's body part spelled backwards.

What song had the line then he tied me up on the railroad tracks?

"He tied her up and he threw her on the railroad " is from the Ray Stevens song "Along came Jones"