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The main accomplishment of Uncle Tom's Cabin was its impact on the abolitionist movement and stirring up anti-slavery sentiments in the United States. The novel helped bring attention to the harsh realities of slavery and contributed to changing public opinion in favor of abolishing slavery.

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Q: What was the main accomplishment of the Uncle Toms Cabin?
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What slave is Harriet Beecher Stowe talking about in her book Uncle Tom's Cabin?

The main character she is referring to is Uncle Tom, who is a kind and devout enslaved man known for his loyalty and integrity. Uncle Tom's experiences depict the harsh realities of slavery and the injustices suffered by African Americans during that time.

What were Harriet Beecher Stowe books?

The most famous was Uncle Tom's Cabin about slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote over 30 books the most famous of which being Uncle Toms Cabin. It was e the first novel in American history that features an African American protagonist. (main character).

What is the nameof tom master in 1852 novel uncle tom cabin?

The name of the main character in the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is Uncle Tom.

Who is the main character in Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Uncle Tom and Eliza Shelby

Who is the main character in Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Uncle Tom and Eliza Shelby

what were the main points for Uncle Tom's Cabin?

cause it want to

What is the main idea of Uncle Tom's Cabin?

The main idea of the novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, is earned freedom. When Tom dies, he died a devout Christian. The result of his death was that all slaves on the Shelby plantation in Kentucky(his old home) were set free.

What was the main cause for the abolitionist movement?

Religious sentiment, later strengthened by the success of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'.

Who are the main characters in Uncle Tom's Cabin?

The main characters in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" are Uncle Tom, a slave who endures great suffering with grace and faith; Eliza, a young mother who escapes with her son to avoid being separated from him; and Simon Legree, a cruel and ruthless plantation owner.

Where did the exoression uncle tomming come from?

it's taken from the book Uncle Tom's Cabin. The main character was very subservient, allowing others to mistreat and take advantage of him without complaint.

Is bury my heart at wounded knee is the native american equivalent of Uncle Tom's Cabin?

yes its main target is the injustises of the US government towards these people the only difference is uncle tom's cabin is a narrative story, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee is a history

William Taft main accomplishment?

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