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Mary Amelia Ingalls, Caroline Celestia Ingalls (Carrie), Charles Frederick Ingalls (Laura's brother who died) and Grace Pearl Ingalls

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Laura Ingalls Wilder had two sisters: Mary Amelia Ingalls and Carrie Ingalls. She also had three brothers: Charles Frederick Ingalls, Albert "Almanzo" James Wilder, and James Frederick Ingalls.

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Laura had one brother, Charles Frederick, born November 1, 1875. He died when about nine months old.

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Q: What were Laura ingalls wilders brothers and sisters full names?
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What are Laura's brothers and sisters names?

Laura Ingalls Wilders, brother name was Charles Fredrick and her sisters names were Mary,Carrie, and Grace. Her daughters name was Rose Wilder Lane.

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How did the homestead act of 1862 affect Laura ingalls wilders as a young girl?

Laura Ingalls Wilders suffered from malnutrition during the ''Long Winter''.

Did Laura Ingalls Wilders mom write books?

No she didn't.

Who was Laura Ingalls Wilders lover?

Almanzo Wilder she called him Manly

How did Laura ingalls wilders change history?

little house on the prarie

What were some of Laura Ingalls Wilders accomplishments?

she was a teacher and a farmers wife

Who was Laura ingalls wilders daughter?

rose wilder

What was Laura Ingalls Wilders best selling book?

little house on the prarie

What are some Facts about Laura ingalls wilders adult life?

She had a son that died

When is Lauras ingalls wilders birhday?

Laura was born February 7th, 1867.