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she showed courage by standing up for what she thought was raight. she also told rulers that they should love all people no matter what their religion.

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Anne Frank demonstrated courage during her time in hiding in the Secret Annex, where she faced the constant threat of discovery and danger from the Nazis. Despite her fears and the difficult conditions, she continued to write in her diary and maintain hope for the future. Her resilience and strength in the face of adversity inspire many to this day.

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Q: When did Anne Frank show courage?
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What were Anne Frank's good qualities?

she was brave, she had courage, full of hope and daring..

How was Anne Frank great?

Anne Frank's greatness lies in her legacy - her diary, one of the most inspiring records of courage and faith written during the Holocaust.

What page is Those who have courage and faith shall never perish in misery on in Anne Frank?

"Those who have courage and faith shall never perish in misery" can be found on page 95 of Anne Frank's diary.

How did Anne Frank affect peoples life?

anne frank gave new hope to people. she alway thought tommor would be better day if not today. she gave courage to believe. anne frank become a hero to me and many.~ saru dhung

Can you show pictures of Anne Frank?

Yes just search up Anne Frank and go to images and there will be pictures of her.

When did Anne Frank show her free spirited attitude?

anne frank was a little happy in the camps she was glad to be out side but not like that

What did Peter admire about Anne Frank?

Peter admired Anne Frank's courage, resilience, and ability to find hope and joy in the midst of difficult circumstances. He admired her positive outlook and her unwavering belief in the goodness of humanity despite the horrors of the Holocaust.

Is Peter weak in Anne frank?

No, Peter is not weak in Anne Frank's diary. He is depicted as sensitive, introverted, and reserved, but he also shows courage and kindness in difficult circumstances, such as during their time in hiding from the Nazis.

Is the world a better place because of anne frank?

the world is a better place because she showed bravery and courage

Why does Harry end his relationship with Fanny in the diary of anne frank?

Harry ends his relationship with Fanny in "The Diary of Anne Frank" because he realizes that Anne is his true love. He becomes more attracted to Anne's intelligence, wit, and courage, ultimately choosing to pursue a romantic relationship with her instead.

What is Clandestine source of courage in the anne frank diary?

In "The Diary of Anne Frank," the clandestine source of courage was likely the inner resilience and determination Anne found within herself. Despite the difficult circumstances she faced hiding from the Nazis, Anne's bravery to endure and continue documenting her thoughts and feelings in her diary showed her strength and courage. Additionally, the support and camaraderie she shared with those in hiding with her also contributed to her ability to remain courageous during such a challenging time.

Why didn't The Diary of Anne frank show when Anne got her diary?

It actually did show this scene. I remember that she got it when she was not a very big child.