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Enid Blyton was awarded the first ever Book Award by the boys' newspaper The London Correspondent in 1955 for her outstanding contributions to children's literature.

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Q: When did enid blyton win her award?
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How many kids did Enid blyton have?

In which year did enid blyton won the Boy Scouts Of America award

Name of the awards enid blyton win or received?

Enid Blyton won the Boys' Club of London Award for Best Children's Book in 1948 for "The Secret Island." She also received the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery in 1959 for "The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage."

What awards did Enid Blyton win and which were they?

In 2008 she won Costa Book Awards, Enid Blyton was voted the best-loved author, ahead of Roald Dahl, JK Rowling and Shakespeare.

What is Enid Blyton's full name?

Enid Blyton's full name is Enid Mary Blyton.

What is the birth name of Enid Blyton?

Enid Blyton's birth name is Enid Mary Blyton.

Who wrote The Seven Secret?

Enid Blyton.

How many daughters did Enid Blyton have?

Enid Blyton had 2 daughters

When did Enid Blyton divorce Pollock?

Enid Blyton divorced Hugh Pollock in 1942.

What was the year enid blyton die?

Enid Blyton died in November 1968.

What is Enid Blyton's birthday?

Enid Blyton was born on August 11, 1897.

Who created noddy and wrote famous five?

Enid Blyton Enid Blyton

Which author created the cartoon character noddy?

Enid Blyton .