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It will actually be called Mockingjay, and it will come out August 24th, 2010. The cover is also official as well, its blue with of course, a mockingjay on the cover

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"The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes" by Suzanne Collins, a prequel to "The Hunger Games" series, was released on May 19, 2020. It focuses on the early life of President Snow.

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Q: When will the victors by Suzanne Collins come out?
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What will the third book in The Hunger Games be called?

At first everyone said The Victors, but I hear that it will be called MockingJay. That's what I heard Suzanne Collins said. Its Mockingjay.

Where did Suzanne Collins gets her namae from?

where did Suzanne Collins get her name

Who is the publisher of the novel Hunger Games?

The author of The Hunger Games Trilogy is Suzanne Collins.Suzanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games. She started as a series of young adult adventure novels and is now a multimedia franchise worth millions.

What is next book after catching fire?

The author, Suzanne Collins, may call her next book "The Victors" but she isn't sure yet. It's supose to come out in September of 2010. actually shes calling it "Mockingjay" it comes out in august 24

When was author Suzanne Collins born?

suzanne collins as born in 1962

Is Suzanne Collins a Canadian author?

Suzanne Collins is an American author.

What is Suzanne Collins kids named?

suzanne collins childrens names are jack and susan collins

What is The Victors about?

As in the book, third to The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, it is going to be called MockingJay and not The Victors and will be out in stores August 24th. But no further detail has been given out. :/ maybe gale will die and katniss and peeta can finally have a real wedding;) jk

Who are Suzanne Collins's parents?

I think they are jews

When did Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins come out in the UK?

June 1, 2010.

Birthday of Suzanne Collins?

Suzanne Collins was born on August 10, 1962.

Did suzanne Collins get a degree?

Yes, Suzanne Collins earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from Indiana University.