Best Answer they should have a link because everytime I update java they have an ad saying this software is sopocered by openoffice meadia

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You can download Apache OpenOffice, which includes Writer, from the official website at

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Q: Where can you download OpenOffice Writter?
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Are there any other word processors with familiar features that Microsoft word?

OpenOffice Writter has a lot of the same features that MicroSoft Word has and the program is also free of charge for a download.

How do you download and install openoffice org?

Click on the related link to the OpenOffice website - and choose 'I want to download OpenOffice'. It will download the program to a folder on your desktop. Just double-click the folder to begin installations.

What do you do after you download Microsoft 2007 off of Torrent?

Throw it away and buy the full program or download OpenOffice and use it - OpenOffice is free.

Where can one download the OpenOffice program?

You can download the Apache OpenOffice program directly from the software manufacturer's website. Alternatively, the program can be downloaded from CNET.

Is OpenOffice free to use and download?


Where is the best place to get OpenOffice for Mac?

The best place to get OpenOffice for Mac is the official Open Office Organization website. Once on the page, click on "Download" in the top navigation menu and then click on "Get All Platforms" on the download page. This will take you to a page where you can download the Mac version of OpenOffice.

Is open office apache 3.4 safe to download?

Absolutely - OpenOffice is a fantastic alternative to the strangle-hold of Microsoft Office. I've been using OpenOffice since version 1.2 - and have never had any problems (either with the download or the software). Just remember to download it from the official OpenOffice web-site. Incidentally, Version 4.0 has now been released for download - see related link.

Where can you download the source of OpenOffice?

See the related link for the official Open Office web-site.

Does openoffice give you a virus?

No - downloading OpenOffice is perfectly safe - so long as you download it from their official web-site (see related link). I can't vouch for other sources though.

a writer?

a writter

How safe is openoffice?

Very safe. Just make sure you download it from their official web-site. See related link.

Can you install OpenOffice on a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab with an Android OS?

Yes, Openoffice was designed specifically for tablet use. It runs on the Android OS but may need an additional download of a file converter from the Android market place.