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For Anne Frank's first five years of her life she lived with her father, Otto Frank, mother, Edith Frank, and her sister Margot. She lived in an apratment on the outskirts of Frankfurt.

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Anne Frank lived the first five years of her life in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Q: Where did Anne Frank live the first five years of her life?
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How old was Anne Frank when she started school?

Anne Frank attended kindergarten at the Montessori School in 1934. Anne was five years old when she started kindergarten at Montessori.

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Is Anne Frank alive right now in 2011 or if not then how long did she live then?

Anne Frank did not survive the Nazi extermination camps. She died in Auschwitz in the Spring of 1945, about five months after she and her family were discovered hiding in Amsterdam, Holland.

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Where did Anne Frank go to school through out her life?

Anne Frank attended the Sixth Montessori School in Amsterdam until her family went into hiding during World War II. After she was discovered and taken to a concentration camp, she did not have the opportunity to continue her education.

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Is any of Anne Frank boyfriends still alive?

Helmuth "Hello" Silberberg, known in America as "Ed Silverberg", the name he took after becoming an American citizen, was alive as recently as five years go, but I cannot speak for this moment (March, 2011). He was Anne's "boyfriend" for about 2 weeks, just before she disappeared.

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