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She worked as a school teacher

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Helen Keller worked as an author, lecturer, and activist for disabled rights. She traveled around the world to raise awareness about the deaf-blind community and advocate for social change.

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2004, a year before she died.

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Q: Where did Helen Keller work?
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Where did Helen Keller's Husband work?

Helen Keller never married.

What are 14 questions on Helen Keller?

Who was Helen Keller? When and where was Helen Keller born? What was the cause of Helen Keller's deafness and blindness? Who was Anne Sullivan and what was her role in Helen Keller's life? How did Helen Keller communicate? What impact did Helen Keller have on the disability rights movement? What books did Helen Keller write? How did Helen Keller learn to read and write? What was Helen Keller's educational background? What awards and honors did Helen Keller receive during her lifetime? How did Helen Keller overcome her disabilities to achieve success? What was Helen Keller's advocacy work focused on? How did Helen Keller inspire others? What was Helen Keller's legacy?

What day did Anne Sullivan arrive to work with Helen Keller?

Anne Sullivan arrived to work with Helen Keller on March 3, 1887.

Did Helen Keller ever have a family of her own?

No, Helen Keller did not have a family of her own. She never married or had children. Helen Keller focused on her advocacy work and writing throughout her life.

Helen Keller did what work?

she was a school teacher

What is Helen Keller's full name?

Helen Keller's full name is Helen Adams Keller.

Where did Helen Keller do most of her work mostly?

in your room

What work did Helen Keller do?

She became a school teacher.

Who were Helen Keller parents?

Helen Keller's mom is Kate Keller and Helen's dad is Captain Keller.

Were Fanny Crosby and Helen Keller friends?

Yes, Fanny Crosby and Helen Keller were friends. Fanny Crosby was a hymn writer and Helen Keller was a writer and activist who admired Crosby's work. They corresponded through letters and met in person a few times.

How old was Helen Keller when she founded Helen Keller international?

Helen Keller International was founded in 1915 by Helen Keller and George Kessler, making her 35 at the time.

What school Helen Keller work at?

The Deaf and Blind School.