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Eveline and Araby are both set in Dublin, Ireland. These two comprise an anthology of short stories written by James Joyce which explore the human condition using Catholic imagery and real life scenarios.

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"Eveline" is set in Dublin, Ireland. "Araby" is also set in Dublin, Ireland. Both stories are part of James Joyce's collection "Dubliners" and are centered around the lives of ordinary people living in the city.

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Q: Where was eveline and Araby set in?
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What are the names of James Joyce's short stories?

There were 15 altogether, Two Gallants, The Sister, a Painful Case, A little Cloud. A Mother, Ivy Day, Clay, Counterparts, Araby, The Dead, The Boarding House, An Encounter, Eveline, After the Race. Grace

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Eveline was created in 1914.

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What year was eveline by James Joyce set in?

It is impossible to give an exact year, but probably between 1895-1907.

Who was the Protagonist in eveline?

I think the protagonist in Eveline by James Joyce is Eveline..The description of her psychological monologue throughout the short story is a evidence.

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