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All of the 5SOS boys participated in writing their own songs (except for Amnesia & What I Like About You) but there isn't a song which they wrote by themselves. They usually write with one other person from the band along with some help from other music producers. But the songs that Calum helped write are:

Don't Stop, Kiss Me Kiss Me, Everything I Didn't Say, Beside You, Heartbreak Girl, Mrs All American, Never Be, Voodoo Doll, Heartache On The Big Screen, Rejects, Try Hard, Tomorrow Never Dies, Independence Day & Out Of My Limit Where all written by Michael Clifford

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Calum Hood has co-written several 5 Seconds of Summer songs, including "Good Girls," "Don't Stop," "Vapor," "Wildflower," and "No Shame."

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Q: Which 5 Seconds of Summer songs were written by Calum Hood?
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