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Emma Wilson, daughter of Jacqueline Wilson, married her partner Ian Bishop.

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Q: Who did Jacqueline wilsons daughter Emma marry?
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What is Jacqueline wilsons daughter?

Her daughter is Emma Wilson who goes too Cambridge Universety.

Has Jacqueline wilsons daughter died?

Yes, Jacqueline Wilson's adopted daughter, Emma, passed away in 2020. Wilson has been open about her grief and the impact of this loss on her.

When was Jacqueline wilsons daughter's birthday?

Jacqueline Wilson's daughter, Emma, was born on February 22, 1962.

Is Emma Wilson Jacqueline Wilson's daughter?

Yes. Jacqueline Wilson has one child - her daughter Emma.

Can you give info on Jacqueline wilsons family?

Her daughter's name is Emma Wilson, who is a british academic and writer. Biddy was her mum and Harry was her dad. For more information on Jacqueline Wilson go on www.Jacqueline

Who is Jacqueline Wilson's daughter?


Who are jaqueline wilsons family?

her daughter Emma and her cat, Jacob

How many people were ther in Jacqueline wilsons family?

In jaqueline wilsons family there were her mum here dad her daughter and her grandparents. I know that her mums name was biddy her daughters name is Emma but i don't know her grandparents name or her dads name

What did Jacqueline Wilson call her daughter?

she called her daughter emma

How old is jaqueline wilsons daughter?

Emma is 29 years old

Was Jacqueline Wilson an only child?

no, she doesn't have any grandchildren, but she has a lovely daughter called Emma. She doesn't need any anyway, because Emma is lovely and she has a lovely cat Jacob, who she can snuggle up with.

What date was Jacqueline Wilson daughter emma born?

Emma, the daughter of author Jacqueline Wilson, was born on April 6, 1980.