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Mi-su is a character in the webtoon "Smile to Go" who is an upbeat and kind-hearted girl with the ability to see people's "smile points." She uses this ability to help others find happiness and positivity in their lives.

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Q: Who is mi-su in smiles to go?
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What is the birth name of Mime Misu?

Mime Misu's birth name is Rosescu, Misu.

When did Mime Misu die?

Mime Misu died in 1953.

When was Misu Sotarō born?

Misu Sotarō was born on 1855-09-16.

When did Misu Sotarō die?

Misu Sotarō died on 1921-12-24.

How many pages does Smiles to Go have?

"Smiles to Go" by Jerry Spinelli has 256 pages.

When was Misu Predescu born?

Misu Predescu was born on October 8, 1963, in Bucharest, Romania.

When was Mime Misu born?

Mime Misu was born on January 21, 1888, in Botosani, Romania.

When was Smiles to Go created?

Smiles to Go was created on 2008-04-29.

What is the ISBN of Smiles to Go?

The ISBN of Smiles to Go is 0-060-28133-2.

What is Watashi wa son'nani misu?

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Where is the setting in Smiles to go?


Who made the book''smiles to go''?

The book "Smiles to Go" was written by Jerry Spinelli. It follows the story of a boy named Will Tuppence and his experiences with friendship, family, and finding his place in the world.