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The book Astronaut Sunita Williams: Achiever Extraordinairewas written by Sharma Aradhika.
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Sunita Williams wrote the book "The New Dream."

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Q: Who is the author of sunita Williams book?
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What has the author S Seshadri written?

S. Seshadri has written: 'Astronaut Sunita Williams'

Was Kalpana Chawla Sunita Williams' Friend?

Yes, Lalpana Chawla was Sunita Williams' friend.

What is more about Sunita Williams' education?

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Information about sunita Williams in Hindi?

Sunita Williams is a woman who holds the record of the longest space flight by a woman.

What is the name of sunita Williams spaceship?

Sunita Williams went in the space shuttle Discovery and came back in Atlantis

Did sunita Williams die?

no..she has not dead

What does Sunita Williams do now?

she is in space

Did Sunita Williams land on the moon?


What is sunita Williams famous for?

Sunita Williams was a U.S. Naval officer and American astronaut, who holds the record for the longest space flight by a woman.

What is the reason of Sunita Williams success?

sunitha williams reason for success

What is the height of sunita Williams?

~ 6 feet

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