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When Georgiana Darcy was planning to elope, her governess was a Mrs. Younge, who seems to have been a friend of Wickham.

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In Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice," Georgiana Darcy's governess while she was planning to elope with Mr. Wickham was a Mrs. Younge.

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Q: Who was Georgiana Darcy's governess when she was planning to elope?
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How old is Georgiana in Pride and Prejudice when Wickham trys to elope with her?


Why Did georgina elope with wickham?

Georgiana did not elope with Wickham. She intended to elope, but her plans were discovered accidentally before she could do it. Her reason for wanting to elope was that she loved him and clearly was talked into deciding to do it by Wickham, possibly with a little help from Mrs. Younge.

Why did georgiana react so funny upon hearing wickham's name in Pride and Prejudice?

Because he was once her secret passion, the man with whom she had tried to elope, which would have ruined both her private and her public life...

Does Darcy have a sister?

Darcy has a sister named Georgiana, who is a minor but important character in the book. She is important because she is held up by Caroline Bingley as a likely candidate for Bingley to marry, because she once tried to elope with Wickham, and because her nature and history shed light on Darcy's character.

Why does George Wickham try to run away with Georgiana Darcy?

George Wickham tries to run away with Georgiana Darcy in an attempt to gain control of her substantial inheritance and wealth. He plans to elope with her to Gretna Green in Scotland, where they can get married quickly and he can manipulate her into handing over her fortune. Wickham's actions are driven by his greed and his desire for a comfortable lifestyle without having to work for it.

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Why does george wickham try to run away with Georgina darcy?

George Wickham tries to run away with Georgiana Darcy because he wants to marry her for her substantial dowry. He plans to elope and take the money with him, without any intention of a legitimate marriage. Wickham is motivated by greed and deception in this attempt.

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