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it has alliteration

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William Blake wrote "The Schoolboy" as a part of his "Songs of Experience" collection to criticize the constraints of formal education and the loss of childhood innocence in society. The poem reflects Blake's belief that children should be free to explore and learn through nature rather than being confined to a rigid educational system.

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Q: Why did William Blake write the school boy?
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What year did William Blake write the little lost boy?

Difficult to date the poem exactly, but a likely date would be 1794.

What drives the boy's joy away in the poem the school boy?

The boy's joy is driven away in the poem "The School Boy" by William Blake due to the restrictions and conformity imposed by the education system and society. The emphasis on discipline and rote learning stifles his natural curiosity and freedom, leading to a loss of joy and creativity.

What is the subject matter of the poem school boy?

The subject matter of the poem "The School Boy" by William Blake is the contrast between the joy and freedom of childhood and the repression and limitations of formal education. It explores themes of innocence, experience, and the impact of societal constraints on individual development.

What is the form of the poem The Little Boy Lost by William Blake?

"The Little Boy Lost" by William Blake is a lyric poem composed of two stanzas, each consisting of eight lines with a simple AABB rhyme scheme. The poem follows the narrative of a child lost in the wilderness and his eventual rescue by his father.

What did William Blake's dad do for a living?

William Blake's father, James Blake, was a hosiery merchant. He sold stockings and gloves for a living.

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What are some facts about William Blake?

As a little boy, William Blake was inspired by angels and the imagination as he would walk through the streets of the city and proclaimed to see angels and to have discussions with spirits! 2. At four years old, William Blake swears that God looked through the window at him causing him to scream at the marvel that he saw! 3. Because of these encounters, the image of the angel would be a constant symbol in William Blake's life! 4. William Blake's wife, Catherine Boucher, was illiterate and remained illiterate until her death in 1831! 5. William Blake revealed that he had powers of prophecy. When an engraver was introduced to him by his father, William saw a vision of the man being hanged as he did not like his face. Later on, it was proved that the engraver was indeed false as he was sent to the gallows for excessive debt and forgery. Blake had many talents!

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William Lomu is a school boy who loves to eat cake/poo and is terrible at talking to girls. Hope you like this answer because it's true.

What is the rhyme scheme of poem little boy found?

The poem "Little Boy Found" by William Blake follows an AABB rhyme scheme. This means that the first and second lines, and the third and fourth lines of each stanza rhyme with each other.

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