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Authors can express their personal views through the themes in their literary works by incorporating their beliefs, experiences, and values into the characters, settings, and plot development. They may use symbolism, allegory, and metaphor to convey their perspectives indirectly, allowing readers to interpret the themes in various ways. Authors can also weave social or political commentary into their works to reflect their personal viewpoints on relevant issues.

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Q: What are the ways authors express their personal views through the themes in their literary works?
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Why did T.S. Eliot become a poet?

T.S. Eliot became a poet due to his deep love for literature and his desire to express complex ideas and emotions through his writing. He was influenced by various literary traditions and his own personal experiences, which culminated in the creation of his unique poetic voice.

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How does an author express ideas through the use of kinds of words literary devices and sentence structure?

To give more color and emphasis to a story.

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Is the message usually about life or society that an author wishes to covey through a literary work?

Yes, authors often use their literary works to convey messages about life, society, human nature, or specific themes. These messages can be subtle or explicit and can vary depending on the author's intent and the context of the work.

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It's giving an indirect hint of an event to come, through an unassociated observation. Observing that the moon was "blood red" on a particular night might be the authors way of forshadowing the shedding of blood in the story.

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