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Yes, you do.

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Q: Do you have to get a pa drivers license to register your auto in pa?
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Can you get a motorcycle license in Florida if drivers license is suspended in pa?


Do you need a motorcycle licence to operate a scooter in pa?

No, you have to register it and it has to be inspected and insured but as long as you have a valid drivers license for a car you don't need a motorcycle license for a scooter under 50cc in PA. I have a Honda Metropolitan and rode it for three years before getting my motorcycle license.

Can you insure a car without a drivers license in Pa?

DoType your answer here... do you need a drivers license to insure car?

Can you purchase a car without a drivers license in Pa?

No you cannot. A license is required.

Can you register a motorcycle in pa without a license?

no i dont think so

Can you get a drivers license in CA if your PA license is going to be suspended but has not been suspended yet?


If only in PA temporarily do you need to change your drivers license?


When did pa start using photos on drivers license?


Can you register a car in NJ if you live in PA?

No, you can not register a car in NJ if you live in PA. In order to register a car, you must present a driver's license that is current and belongs to the state in which you are registering the car.

Your drivers license is suspended for 2 years for DUI can you drive a scooter in pa without a drivers license?

As long as it's 49cc or under.

What is the Youngest age to get a drivers license in Pa?

16 and a half to 17

Can you get points on your PA drivers license if you got a speeding ticket in Nevada?