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It is the back side storage area for luggage. (Trunk/Dicky)

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Q: What is boot space means in car?
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What do you call the space at the back of the car?

box">boxtrunk or boot

Size of 100 liters car boot space?

1.8x1.2x0.5metres approx

Why is car boot space measured in liters?

Car boot space is measured in liters because it provides a standardized and easily comparable unit of volume to consumers. By using liters, car manufacturers can provide a clear indication of how much cargo space is available in the boot without needing to provide additional dimensions or measurements.

What is the meaning of boot space in car?

Boot is the trunk, us Americans call the boot the trunk.. most foreign countries call it the boot. For future reference: US Other Trunk = Boot Hood = Bonnet Roof = Hood Engine = Lump and Im sure theres much more

Why does your car boot not open on a Kia Rio?

car boot is not opening

Who invented the car boot?

It is not on record who invented the car boot. However, it is believed that one of the automobile manufacturers came with the design of the car boot.

What is the trunk of a car called in the UK?

the boot

What is the volume of the luggage space in a car boot?

The same as the volume of water you can fit in it. Grab the garden hose and fill your boot up with water. Then measure how many litres fit in your boot. Each litre is the same as 1 cubic metre. So this will tell you the volume of your car's boot.Alternatively, you could just measure the approximate boot height, width and depth and multiply them together to get the volume :)

Is there a car boot sale in blackburn college on monday?

Yes there is a Car boot on Monday at Blackburn college car park

What does the red warning light depicting an outline of the whole car mean on a Rover 216?

Does the symbol of the car appear to have its boot open? If so, it means your boot or hatch isn't closed properly. Close it properly and the light should go out.

What does it mean when it says boot open on a 2002 jaguar x type?

It means that the car beieves that the boot/trunk is open. Either the switch is broken or the latch hasn't closed properly.

What are the disadvantages of cabriolet cars?

The car sometimes suffers slightly more from wind noise. Also the boot space is compromised when you take the top down.