What is overhaul?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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A general term for major engine work that usually requires removing the engine from the vehicle, and rebuilding or replacing internal components (e.g. pistons, connecting rods, valves). The amount of parts that are replaced depends on the condition of all internal parts.

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When something is overhauled, its completely stripped down, cleaned, refurbished if necessary (e.g cylinder head skimming), and put back together with the use of new parts(if needed; e.g new gaskets/seals, oils etc)

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Q: What is overhaul?
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What is a standard overhaul?

A numbered hourly overhaul of aircraft or engines. Ie 40 hr overhaul, 100 hour overhaul.

What is an example of an overhaul?

An overhaul is a service or repair.

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was the engine removed before the overhaul or was the overhaul carried out in the vehicle? was the engine removed before the overhaul or was the overhaul carried out in the vehicle?

What is the definition of the word overhaul?

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