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From my experience with this problem it isn't the steering wheel that is shaking but your U joints could be bad or something else under the car. Get it to a mechanic. Can't give a cost for this.

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Q: How much to fix it the shaky wheel?
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How do you fix a shaky steering wheel?

Most likely cause is out of balance wheels. Get your wheels balanced by your garage or tyre specialist.

Shaky steering wheel when braking?

bad front brakes.

How do you fix a shaky speedometer in a Ford Explorer?

Replace the Spedometer cable.

How do you fix a shaky steering wheel with a bent wheel?

FIX THE WHEEL. A bent wheel can be straightened with the right equipment & right training. First the wheel has to be dismounted!! Anyone (mobile wheel repair units) that tell you otherwise are full of Da Bien(mandarin for s**t). Factory wheel radial runouts are 10/1000 of an inch with aftermarket wheel tolerances 15/1000 of an inch. Repairs can be very simple, bring it to a professional, yes it's that simple. Let those trained & NEWWCRA certified to fix wheels fix your wheel Al's Hubcaps ALSHUBCAPS.COM

What causes a shaky steering wheel on1998 Toyota Camry?

Tires out of balance, bent wheel, or worn suspension parts.

How do you fix a shaky high hat stand pole?

Tighten down the screw at the base.

What can cause shaky steering wheel and front end while idling?

Engine miss.

What can cause shaky steering wheel and front end?

try balancing the front wheels

What causes shaky steering wheel at 70 mph?

Could be a wheel weight missing, a bad ball joint or a bad shock.

How much does it cost to fix a wheel bearing for Lexus rx 300?


What would cause shaky movement?

* Bad Tires * Bad wheel * Failed or bent suspension parts Have the tires & wheel checked first.

How much to fix wheel bearings in a car?

it varies on car to car, gennarly you can buy a set of wheel bearings for about 150$