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Scotchgard is a treatment for carpets by the company 3M. It protects your carpet and claims that stains and dirt will clean up easier. It will also make your carpet look good for longer.

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Q: What is provided by Scotchgard?
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When was Scotchgard created?

Scotchgard was created in 1956.

Can Scotchgard cause hives?

Yes, it happened to me when I was exposed to a Scotchgard-ed sofa. Benedryl elimiated the hives for a couple hours. Scotchgard is highly toxic.

What are the ingredients in scotchgard?

The main active ingredient in Scotchgard is PFOS, or perfluorooctane sulfonate. It is a chemical form that degrades to form this.

How are monkeys waterproof?

They get sprayed with Scotchgard

How does the invention of Scotchgard work?

Scotchgard works by creating a protective barrier on fabrics and surfaces that repels liquids and prevents stains from setting in. The chemical formula of Scotchgard contains fluoropolymers that help to coat the fibers and make them resistant to water and oil-based substances. When applied properly, Scotchgard can help prolong the life of fabrics and make cleaning up spills easier.

What post-it note company created scotchgard?


How long does it take for Scotchgard Oxy Spot and Stain Remover to dry?

Scotchgard Oxy Spot takes approximately one hour to dry. It can take longer with thicker applications or when the weather is humid.

What are the ingredients in Scotchgard Oxy Spot and Stain Remover?

water, butoxyethanol, peroxide and surfactants

Is dickies clothing stain proof?

Dickies brand of clothing offers Scotchgard stain release finish. These can be purchased through, and

Can I get stain resistant covers?

Yes, you can get covers made of stain-resistant materials such as polyester-cotton blends. However, duvet covers usually are not available with special stain-resistant treatments such as Scotchgard.

Can you use a Sharpie on canvas?

The dye in the sharpie is permanent, so the artwork is permanent. If you want to keep the shoe cleaner, use a repellant treatment such as Scotchgard. It is sold in most cleaning department sections.

My grandson just threw black paint on our carpet. It is water based. Help!?

This link is exactly what to do