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The places in between your windows, and front and back windshield.

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Q: Where are your blind spots in the car?
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How do the blind spots surrounding a large commercial vehicle differ from the blind spots surrounding a car?

It's optics and anatomy of eye.

What are blind spots when drving?

Blind spots when driving are the areas around a vehicle that the driver cannot see either while facing forwards or by checking their mirrors. Typically, the blind spots are located to the rear left and right of a vehicle. Larger vehicles, such as lorries, have much wider blind spots than smaller vehicles such as cars. To find the blind spots on your car, watch another car approach you in your mirrors until it comes into your field of vision, there may be a point where you cannot see the car at all and that would mean it is in one of your blind spots.

Is A truck drivers only blind spot is behind the vehicle?

No just like in a car there are blind spots on both sides of the car also

A truck driver's only blind spot is directly behind the vehicle?

No just like in a car there are blind spots on both sides of the car also

How to answer do you have any blind spots on an interview?

do you have any blind spots?

Where are your blind spots while driving?

The blind spots are the areas outside of your car in between the view of your rear-view mirror and your side mirrors that you cannot observe without physically turning around to see.

How many blind spots while driving?

It depends on the vehicle. Manufacturers try to minimise blind spots.

What does looking at the ground beside a moving vehicle help?

blind spots

Why do you get blind spots?

Blind spots occur because of a lack of photoreceptor cells (rods and cones) in certain areas of the retina at the back of the eye. These areas do not receive visual information, leading to gaps in our field of vision.

Why is it more risky passing a lorry than a car?

The truck driver has bigger blind spots and may not see you coming.

Blind spots in vision?


How do you prevent car accident?

Prevent a car accident: Keep your car a good shape Know your car limits Avoid driving in fast lane Keep your eyes scanning the area Beware of blind spots