Can you abort in 4 months?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes you can but it depends on where you live if it is legal or not. Most countries have a limit at 20-24 weeks.

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Q: Can you abort in 4 months?
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Can abort ascorbic acid 4 months?

No vitamin C can never make you abort.

How do you abort 4 months pregnancy in natural way?

A 4 months it has to be by surgery by a doctor.

Is vitamin c safe to abort a four months belly?

Vitamin C can not abort anything and at 4 months a medical abortion is out as well. it has to be done by surgery.

What is the medicine that can help you abort the four months pregnancy?

At 4 months it's too late for a medical abortion, it has to be done by surgery.

Is the child inside real does it die when you abort it?

Yes the child inside is a real human but not completeley just a living organism before 4 months of age, and yes it does die when you abort it

Which month is safe to abort the child?

no month is safe to abort a baby because it could not only hurt the baby but it could severly hurt you too. the safest time to abort a baby is in the first 4 months but the baby already has a body and a brain and its heart should be beating already. I aborted a baby before when i was five months pregnant and i almost bleed to death, the doctors could not stop me from bleeding. but first four months. it will stick with you for the rest of your life. but u do have a choice

What is risks to abort after in months?

I don't know what you mean by "in" months but the first trimester is one of the safest procedures.

How can you abort 3 months fetus?

There are a few states that will abort a 3 month old fetus. You will need to call your local abortion clinic for locations.

Is Jamie Lynn Spears going to abort?

Obviously, no. She's around 7 months pregnant.

How many months from June 30th to october 30th?

4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.

What is a sentence with the word 'abort' in it?

You are not allowed to abort a baby in Ireland.

Is it possible when you take early TT injection to abort at 5 to 6 months pregnant?

No, you can take TT both when you are pregnant and breastfeeding.