How can I take a good GED test?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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There are several prep and training classes that you can take online but you can only take the actual GED test in an official GED center. The number one way to take the GED test is to prepare first with studying and once you are ready, find a GED Center to take the test. A GED Center Locator can be found online, one website that can help your GED center search is

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Q: How can I take a good GED test?
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Where can I find a GED course that is entirely online?

Well if you're looking to practice for the GED test you can go here they are a pretty good site and will help you get prepared to take the GED test.

when and where can i take the ged class and then the test?

Most Community Colleges offer the GED classes and then the GED test afterwards.

Is the pre GED test for passing the GED?

The GED Prep is the preparation work you need to do before you take the GED Test. The GED Prep includes all the learning, study and revision. The GED Test is the actual exam you sit at the end to find out your results.

Can we take the Ged test online and be able to get into collage?

No, all states require that you take the GED test in person.

Do you need to be a resident of North Carolina to take the Ged test. I'm from Flordia ?

No, you can take a GED test wherever you are a resident.

How can I take a GED math practice test?

You can find GED practice tests online from a vast number of stores. If you are looking at a free site, try your luck over at as a good starting point.

What GED classes do I need to take?

The test is named the same way. It is called a GED test. This GED test is composed of five separate test sections dealing with writing, social studies, science, language arts reading, and math.

Do you need good grades to go to the marines?

no but you need to take a (mos) job test and get a GED eventually ;)

How old do you have to be to take the GED test in St. Louis Missouri?

You have to be at least 17 or older, good luck!

I would like to take my GED test online, is this possible?

It is not possible to take a GED test online. However, there are many great websites to help you study and prepare for you test.

Can I take a practice GED Test online?

Yes you can take a GED Practice test at . This website has many helpful tools and practice exams.

Do you have to take classes to get your GED?

I believe that it depends on where you live and how old you are. I was 16 when I got my GED, so I had to take the classes first.. if I had been 18 I would have been able to go ahead and take the tests.