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Q: How do you graph or line -2 or equal 2x-44?
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How do you graph x is less than or equal to -2?

On your graph, draw a vertical line through the point on the x-axis where [ x = -2 ]." X is less than or equal to -2 " is every point on that line and everything to the left of it.

What are the characteristics of a straight line graph?

Usually, the basic graphing formula is (y=mx+b). The fraction represented by the letter "m" must equal "1" (that is, 2/2 or 7/7). This way, the line moves in a straight line across the graph.

The graph of which line has a slope of 2?

The graph of the equationy = 2x + any numberis a straight line with a slope of 2.

What would the graph for the equation y2x look like?

If y is equal to 2x, the graph would be a straight line going through the origin. The line would go up and to the right, and the angle at the origin has a tangent equal to 2. This angle is between 63 and 64 degrees.

What is a 2 line bar graph?

To be honest I have no idea but it's probably double the line graph

How do you graph -2.875 on a number line?

Divide the spaces between the whole numbers into eight equal parts. -2.875 = -2 and 7/8

What are the 5 components of a good graph?

The 5 components of a good graph are... 1. Independent variable 2. Dependent variable 3. Trend line 4. Graph title 5.To have equal intervals or spaces in-between numbers on a grid

Can there be a graph of a function be a vertical?

Yes. The graph of [ x = 2 ] is a vertical line.

How do you graph -2y is less than or equal to -x-2?


What does a line graph look like if x-2 and x3?

A line graph needs an equation. x-2 and x3 are expressions: neither is an equation.

How do you solve the inequality and graph a solution?

I think you would use an average two step equation to solve. Graph on a number line. If it was -2, go over 2 to the left, and make a dot. It is hollow or solid. It is solid if there is a line beneath the less than or greater than sign indicating that it is equal to....

How do you read a line graph?

Each point on a line graph in 2-dimensional space can correspond to an ordered pair of values for two variables which is observed. Or, if it is a fitted line graph, it is an estimated ordered pair.