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High, My name is Brett_old carpenter. 16x28=448 448/32=14 That is if you are using 4'x8' sheets. You will need 14 sheets of 4'x8' Your square footage is 448sf. I have the feeling you are asking about laminated flooring that comes in a package of 25.64SF. If so:448/25.64=17.472 in other words 18 packages. Always get more than you need, the alternative is worse.

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Q: How much flooring will you need for a 16' by 28' room?
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How many 16 inch tiles will you need to cover 152 square feet of flooring space?

85.5 tiles but now add for cutting based on room size and shape.

How many 16 x 16 tiles do you need for 225 sq ft?

Hi, Well you will need 127 tiles of size 16x16 plus wastage according to the size of the room or area where you want to place these tiles. Find tips on tile flooring here:,-designs--installation-guidelines_0.aspx Find more about tiles or different type of floorings according to location at :

How many yards of carpeting do you need for a 15 x 16 room?

You will need 26.66667 sq. yards for a room 15' x 16'.

How i get square footage of a room if it is 16 foot wide and 16 foot long?

You need the height othe room also. Then you multiply 16x16 and then by 4 bc they are four walls in the room.

How many packs of laminate will you need for 16 ft by 16 ft room?

One pack - if it contains enough laminate.

How much lumber will I need to build?

That depends on what you want to build.

What size air conditioner do you need for 16 square meter room?

9000 Btu

How many 4' x 8' sheet of plywood would you need for 16' x 12' room?

You will need 16*12/(4*8) = 6 sheets

How many square ft of carpeting do you need if you are using a 12ft roll in a 17 x 16 room?

You must first assume that the room is 17 ft x 16 ft and not some other units - for example 17 yards by 16 yards. In that case the room is 17*16 = 272 square feet and, irrespective of the width of the carpeting, you will need 272 square feet of carpet.

If your room is 9ft wide and 16ft long how much carpet will you need?

To calculate how many square yards of carpet you need use this formula.width X length= total square footage/9 = number of yardsSo you will need 16 square yards of carpet.

How many 16x16 tiles you need to cover a 224 square feet room?

224 x 144 = 32,256 / 256 (16 x 16) = 126 16 x 16 tiles.

How manysquare feet in a room 16 feet by 16 feet room?

16 x 16 = 256 square feet