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hi there there you go that should be current Thanks.

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Q: Need to know my wpm (words per minute) by taking a free typing test, where can I do this?
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What is 20 percent of one minute?

These types of questions were always the most fun in early mathematics. Remember the clock? It's broken not only into hours but minutes as well.Imagine that there are 60 seconds in one minute. So we know that an entire 60 seconds is 100% of a minute we can work back from there.How many 20% would you need in order to make 100%? You would need 5 (5 x 20 = 100)./ = per (60 seconds per 1 minute)60 seconds/1 minute ÷ 5 periods/1 minute = 12 seconds/periodSo 12 seconds would be exactly 20% of one minute.12 seconds (20%)24 seconds (40%)36 seconds (60%)48 seconds (80%)60 seconds (100%)

How do you estimate how much laminate flooring you need?

Most flooring is sold by square foot. So you will first need to measure the area you want to put the flooring in by taking the width times the length and take that total with you when you go to get an estimate.

How do find what 34 is 40 percent of?

well first you need to find 10% of 40 which is 10 by dividing 40 by 4. so now divide 34 by 4 which is 8.5 so if you times this by 10 you get 100% because 10 x 10 is 100 so 100% is 85.. now you have to check this by getting a calculator by typing in 85 x 40 % and if it is 34 its right! hope this helps:-)

Is there a number bigger than graham's number?

Yes, there is, but it has no name, for grahams number was and is still the largest number with a name. To make a number larger than grahams number, you just need to make grahams number 1, but it would not have a name because it is not official, and if you try to write it down, you could not, because all matter in the universe transformed into pen ink could not write it down. And if you tried to type it, your computer or whatever you where typing it on would fail.

How much flooring will you need for a 16' by 28' room?

High, My name is Brett_old carpenter. 16x28=448 448/32=14 That is if you are using 4'x8' sheets. You will need 14 sheets of 4'x8' Your square footage is 448sf. I have the feeling you are asking about laminated flooring that comes in a package of 25.64SF. If so:448/25.64=17.472 in other words 18 packages. Always get more than you need, the alternative is worse.

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Is 96 words typed in 3 minutes 160 words typed in 5 minutes?

To work this sort of question out you need to find out how many words are being type in ONE minute. 96/3= 32 words a minute. Therefore in 5 mins you would type 32 * 5 = 160 words So the answer to your question is YES, typing at a speed of 96 words in 3 mins. is the same speed as typing 160 words in 5 mins.

What typing skills do a court repoter need?

A court reporter needs excellent typing skills, typically with a minimum requirement of typing speeds of at least 225 words per minute. Accuracy in transcribing spoken word is also crucial, so strong listening and proofreading skills are important. Familiarity with specialized court reporting software and equipment may also be necessary for the role.

How is typing speed determined?

Typing speed is measured in Words Per Minute (WPM). For measuring purposes, a "word" is five characters long. If you use software to learn typing, the software calculates the rate.

Proper types of typing?

Putting information into a machine such as a computer and through a keyboard is the only type of typing. Some people will be able to type at 100 words a minute and maintain 100% accuracy. Other people will have to look around the keyboard for the next key they need to press in order to type information in.

Is there a specific speed that I need to be able to type to have a typing job?

Most employers look for a minimum of 40 words per minute, but in this day in age employers are increasing that threshold to a much higher standard. Below are some links for an employment site listing a variety of different job descriptions with minimum typing requirements. I've also included an online site that offers free typing tests to measure your skills.

What kinds of skills are required to get a job in the medical transcription industry?

The primary skill required to get a medical transcription job is a fast typing speed. You'll need to be able to type at least 80 words per minute to be considered a particularly good candidate.

What does it mean if you skip words while typing a sentence?

Skipping words while typing a sentence could be due to distractions, lack of focus, or simply typing too quickly for your brain to keep up. It may also indicate a need to slow down and pay more attention to what you are typing.

Why do you always have to take the evil boring and hated typing or BIT classes if everyone already knows how to type and use a computer and the classes are so hated?

Can you type 45 words per minute? If not, then I would say you need to take the course. Long, long ago, when I was in high school, I took Typing. It turned out to be the BEST course I took. When I entered college, we began using computers. We only had one 1-hour course in computers, so you don't have time to learn a typing skill. Two or Four finger pecking will not get it.

Can taking advantage of last minute deals really save you money?

Taking advantage of last minute deals will definitely save you money. Being flexible in your schedule can help you save hundreds on last minute airline and hotel deals. Companies need to book these flights and rooms and will offer them at deep discounts to meet these quotas.

Do you need friction for typing on a keyboard . why?

Because without friction, it would not be successful when typing!

What is a good touch typing program?

You dont need a program, you can learn online at these websites (in Sources and related links) Each of these services has own pros. Test them all and find out the best one for you. Some of benefits are easy to do lessons, 1 minute tests, typing certificates, connection with Facebook friends and more.

My keyboard on my laptop randomly skips to the beginning and middle of words whilst I'm typing. Why is this?

I might need to be charged or it just may be an old laptop